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Help for Homework Hell

Posted on 4 December, 2013 at 22:24 Comments comments (167)
Most parents of grade school children spend their after school hours hustling from one activity to the next.  Whether it be gymnastics, soccer practice, CCD, Brownies, or playdates, parents and children have very hectic weekday schedules.  Somewhere during that time parents must also find time for homework.  For many children this can be done independently while parents are cooking dinner or even in the car waiting for another sibling...however, for many children this cannot be done independently.  Children with learning disabilities or attention deficits cannot complete homework without support and accommodations.  For these families, homework is agonizing.  It can destroy parent child relationships.  It can spoil family time.  It can be so punitive that any benefit is outweighed by the negative effect it has on these children and ultimately their families.  If your child cannot read independently, they cannot complete reading assignments independently.  If they cannot maintain their attention without verbal prompting, they cannot work independently.  Unfortunately, homework is not going anywhere.  With all the pressure placed on teachers regarding curriculum and deadlines and benchmarks, homework is necessary in order to maintain the fast pace of intruction present in today's classrooms.  To spend money on tutors or learning centers just to help your child complete his daily homework is ridiculously expensive.  However, you still need help.  Paying a student in 7th through 10th grade to assist your child with their daily homework may actually save your relationship and your child's self esteem.  Not only will your child have a set time to complete their homework, but you can remove yourself from the craziness.  This will cost less than ten dollars an hour and will be money well spent.