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Back To School IEP Reminders

Posted on 29 August, 2013 at 18:25 Comments comments (152)
Even though all of your child's teachers are responsible for reading and understanding your child's not take any chances.  Prior to the new school year send an email to all of your child's teachers (including spanish, gym, art, music, etc.) to introduce yourself, your child, and your child's IEP.  Many parents feel they do not want to bother the teacher or appear to be a pushy parent.  When you have a child with a disabling condition, such as ADHD or a hearing loss or any other learning disability, it is your job to advocate on their behalf...until they are able to advocate for themselves.  Sending an email to the teachers will help them prepare for the challenges that may lie ahead.  Most teachers appreciate the information because even if they did read the IEP, the information you provide is more useful.  Provide emails, phone numbers, and any strategies that benefit your child.  Be honest, but keep it short.  Teachers are extremely busy this time of year.  If you write a two page email, only the first paragraph will be read.  After you write it, send it to yourself first.  Open it up and read it.  Decide if that is what you wanted to say...if not, make changes.  Then, hit SEND.