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When Teachers Have Favorites...

Posted on 20 July, 2013 at 6:42 Comments comments (90)
When teachers pick favorite one benefits.  Actually, research shows that ALL of the students suffer when a teacher picks a favorite student.  This type of inappropriate teacher behavior is a form of bullying. In my opinion, teachers who choose a favorite student and then treat that student the definition of "a bully" themselves.   This creates anxiety in students as well.  At first, the 'favorite' child might like the special attention.  But since the attention is not warranted for something that is real, even the 'favorite child' knows that his time there may be short lived.  The favorite child may be ignored or teased by other kids.  Even first graders know when the teacher has a favorite.  They all want to be the favorite and will do everything they can to be chosen.  However, they quickly give up.  They understand that the teacher is randomly choosing students and it is not based on merit, behavior, or work ethic.  Imagine that...before their seventh birthday kids realize that life is not fair.  Some teachers pick favorites and there is nothing they can do about it.   Other children may even dread being selected as the favorite child.   When teachers are FAIR, children feel SAFE.  They try harder, because their efforts are recognized and applauded.  Before we can address bullying in kids..we must first address bullying in teachers.